Executive Coach for Millennials

Live as if your FUTURE SELF is watching you

Agostino Marengo

Executive Coach for Millennials

I love working with and empowering MILLENNIALS as Executive Coach!

All my life I have invested in people, convinced that their growth would have been my growth.

I connect the dots of my journey to build something greater than the sum of my experiences.


Executive Coach for Millennials

Mindset&Vision for Students, young Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

Professional Growth

I am dedicated to helping Millennials on their entrepreneurial/career journey. Define your mission. Focus on your goals. Perfect your behavior. To be successful, you consistently have to give your best, I will help you to plan your career/business to get the best goals you will.


I believe in the importance of let people grow and I am passionate about giving back to the community. Through charitable activities, public speaking, experience sharing, and including his network of Millennial aspiring entrepreneurs/managers, I am committed to building better community involvement.

Personal Growth

I will help you to set the parameters for hard work and a disciplined work ethic. Connect with me to learn more how you can start or expand your attitude and positivity at work or in private life. Live as if your Future Self is watching you.

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Let’s talk about Self-Development and how you can improve your skills to become a better professional and reach your goals.
I really hope that you will enjoy it!


People speeking about me

Agostino is first of all a person who can inspire and motivate you to success. His leadership based on delegation and control has allowed me to grow professionally in over 2 years of work together. I had the pleasure of spending extra professional experience with him and I appreciated it as a friend.

I’ve known Prof. Agostino Marengo during my course in IT at University of Bari (ITALY). I appreciated so much his way of teaching because he gives to his students more then a simple lesson…You have the possibility to learn a new study method in which theory is not far from practice and you can obtain all you deserve for your professional training and, above all, you can discuss about real business topics with a high quality professional and person. In this way you can play your role inside the class in a more conscious way, learning by doing. He managed a class composed by over three hundred students and that’s because he is able to create a stimulating environment for his class, in which there is not competition but students are motivated to have fair and positive relationships. I will always remember Prof. Agostino Marengo as a great professional and a skilled specialist in building and managing of Human Capital.

I met Prof. Marengo a few years ago for the first time and suddenly it was clear to me that enthusiasm in his work has inspired his whole professional life. As a high skilled professional and effective leader, he has great communication skills and a natural talent in engaging others. Working with him I learned one the most powerful lessons of my life: if you are truly passionate about your job, you’ll be ready to fight any kind of challenges, pursue excellence and find success your own way.

Meet Agostino

Speaker | Entrepreneur | Startup Co-founder | University Professor

Connect the dots

Connect the dots

My life in 3 lines

Engineer, I love airplanes because I like flying.

University Professor, I love young people because they can fly.

Entrepreneur, I love challenges because they allow me to fly.

Agostino Marengo

Agostino Marengo

Brief CV

Check my profile on LinkedIn – Professional growth Mentor – Researcher on Training Innovation – Consultant in HRTech project and development – Digital training Consultant&Contractor – Co-Founder at OSEL Srl (more: osel.it) – Professor in Informatics @ University of Bari.

My Beliefs

My Beliefs

In one sigle sentence

Live as your Future-Self is watching you!