The 6 marks of a great leader

At the base of a successful business there are, without a doubt, good managers and great leaders. Are you a great leader?

I have also spoken about this here.

For some this may seem like a given fact, but it’s easy to forget that a manager is not necessarily a leader, and that both things are necessary so that an organization can have a solid and well-performing structure.


The work of the manager is to plan, defining the goals and the team and to coordinate them with other project teams. The manager organizes, distributing roles and jobs, creating a hierarchy among the staff of an organization and checks that everyone carries out their own job following the correct procedures.

Among their duties there is also the acquisition of new professionals, to allow the business to have the necessary resources to achieve their goals.

Example is not the most important thing to drive others. It’s the only thing!

[Albert Schweitzer]

The role of the manager is essential within an organization. Yet, just having a managerial component is not enough. Without strong leadership, a business with excellent organization is still destined to fail.

Here is why the manager has to possess leadership traits:

  • Not only to plan and organize, but to motivate. It’s not enough to plan the activities of a business in detail to secure the success of it. An organizational component that is too heavy handed becomes sterile and interferes with the growth of the business and of its employees. This is why it’s necessary that there is a vision, an objective, and that the manager knows how to communicate this effectively and knows how to inspire their own team.
  • More than rules. A manager that wants to also be a leader knows that innovating and thinking outside the box can bring unexpected success. A leader plays according to the rules of the organization but is not afraid to listen to their colleagues and draw inspiration from what they propose, even when it means taking a different direction than the one that was originally established.
  • People, not workers. In relating with their team, a good manager looks beyond the curriculum and formally achieved successes to the entire business. A leader knows their team and the potential of any component. His job is to develop this potential, creating interpersonal relationships, motivating the staff to grow and better themselves, so that the organization can do the same.

Leadership is the art of convincing someone else to do something that we want because he wants it.

[Dwight D. Eisenhower]

But to really be a leader, the manager has to have a mark above, or rather 6!

So, what are the 6 marks of a great leader, according to my experience:

Advice 01

A great leader has the ability to transform a complex idea into an executable plan while he organizes his team on the course to achieve it. To do this he needs: to precisely define a map for the “voyage” to take, to clearly describe the “vision” together with the team, to always stay one step ahead so that he can anticipate and manage changes.

Advice 02

A manager will be a truly great leader if he behaves with humility, listening to feedback and focusing on the necessities of the team.

He needs to find the time for personal reflection and observation; he has to admit to errors and places to improve, he has to be open to criticism so that he can better his performance.

Advice 03
Knowledge of himself

A leader that respects himself has to understand and manage his emotions, as well as the emotions of those on his team.

He will need to control his actions to positively influence the results. Calm, inside and out, betters one’s self-control and allows him to understand how to manage emotions and how these things affect the people he works with.


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Advice 04

Some strong values, a lot of faith, an indestructible sense of ethics, and a good character help the team to identify with the leader.

A sincere leader builds faith and loyalty. An honest leader assures people of their intentions and their true goals.

Advice 05

A true leader has to learn to appreciate the voyage more than the destination and understand how to manage adversity with security.

He needs to be brave and protect his ideas, the key to do any of these things is hard work. A great leader demonstrates dedication, cultivating key collaborations to make them become leaders.

Advice 06
Ability to help others

Finally, a leader acts with generosity and gratitude, sparking a positive change in the lives of others.

A leader is proud to help others obtain success, helping his own team to become better, personally and professionally.

So, what do you think? Are you a great leader?

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