Offense or defense. No more complaining!

Whether in life, career or business, or playing in offense or defense. This must be clear. And it’s up to you to choose.


Each of us decides how we live our lives. We decide whether to play the game in offense or in defense. Only you can choose it, no one else. Even when it seems to you that it is life that chooses for you, in reality it is you who have chosen to be in defense.

Your choice defines your mentality. Mentality is the operating system of your life. If you choose offense, you will act in a positive way, you will react to negative things and you will find a solution to any problem. You can’t be in the middle, you have to decide now. That decision will determine your life.

In your life you can choose to be on the Offense or Defense


Progress and growth are the results of a successful offense. An offense means taking the initiative, taking control of one’s life, running and going for goals. Playing in offense makes you feel more powerful and it gives you full control. Ask yourself if you want to play to win or play not to lose.

That’s the subtle difference.

The attacker plays to win.

Advice 01
Be proactive

Don’t wait for life to happen to you, live. Act and re-act. If you play in offense, you are acting. You are imposing your will on life.

Do you want to achieve a result? Good. Work on it. If you need someone to help you, ask them to. Ask a friend or colleague to share their knowledge with you which would be useful for you.

Whenever something is wrong, ask yourself why. Maybe you’re just on the wrong side of the ball, you’re defending.

Advice 02
Balance between offense and defense

The balance between offense and defense is important. Always being in offense is exhausting.

Defense helps you build relationships and promotes relationships. It allows you to enjoy life from afar from time to time. It gives you a break from always being active.

Attacking moves the needle forward and helps you achieve your goals. It leads to progress, change and growth.

That’s why it’s essential to balance the two mentalities.


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Advice 03
Spend time with others, but not too much time

Be nice but don’t let people take advantage of it.

Give a hand to those who ask for help, but do not neglect your activities. While responding to the needs of others, you are helping people who are in offense while you are in defense.

Sometimes it’s good for you. Not all the time. If you always do, you’ll distract yourself from your life.

Advice 04
Ask nicely

Anyone who is in offense is quicker to ask for something than anyone who is in defense.

Make a list of people who might be useful for your growth. As the list grows, you will realize that you have a network that can only do you good.

Stop seeing yourself as a person on commission. Act and ask. If you don’t dare, you don’t get.

Overcome shyness and the modest reluctance to ask.

Advice 05
Stop complaining

Focus on positivity. Complaining for its own sake generates negativity.

Not complaining does not mean not analyzing the problems, quite the contrary! It means becoming aware of them and acting positively. Complaint must be at the service of change.

My tea is cold. I do not complain. I recognize the problem, I get up and I heat it up. I have acted. The situation has changed and I have created positivity around me. Positivity is the ideal companion to achieve the goal.

Live your life like a football match. Decide when it’s time to offense and when it’s time to defend.

Play to win!

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