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  Millennial Life Coach Agostino’s Tips to Let Your Future-Self Proud of You. How to Apply His Fsp Method, Overcome Personal and Professional Gaps and Plan Your Self-Growth LINKREAD FULL ARTICLE 3 kinds of knowledge: Savoir Faire, or knowledge of doing, Savoir...


  How Agostino Marengo Helps Millennials to grow and build the Future of Business   LINK READ FULL ARTICLE Live Like Your Future Self is Watching You! [Ago] Share this post Follow me Curabitur non nulla sit amet nisl tempus convalli quis ac lectus....


  “Future Self Proud” Method: How a university research Scientist has used his keen eye for talent to set up a recipe and propel millennials generation to success LINK READ FULL ARTICLE As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live [A. Einstein] Share...

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