16 Tips to Dominate Your 2019

Dominate your 2019! Every year, we establish some good proposals for the coming year.

These proposals often fail the next day because of a lack of motivation, commitment and positivity. Here are 16 tips in which I will advise you on how to dominate your 2019.


The end of each year brings with it a moment of reflection. Not only do we report on the past year, but we also make a list of good intentions for the New Year. Setting goals is a good thing, but it is not always easy to keep your intentions.

Intentions show a willingness to do something. It’s the fuel that brings your goals and visions to life. Establishing an intention is like drawing a map of where you want to go. It will help you clarify your life. Without a destination, you wander around in thin air. You’re letting life happen to you, not dominating your life.

Winners don’t complain

You have to believe in your intentions. It is a seed that you have to sow today to harvest it tomorrow. It is not always easy, sometimes the fruits harvested are not the ones hoped for. Evidently you have made a mistake; you have probably forgotten something important.

Here are my 16 points to consider if you want to dominate your 2019 and become a winner.

Advice 01
Set Your Goals

If you want to be successful in 2019, you have to set goals. Without goals you lack a direction. Without goals you lack attention.

During this period of setting goals, it is important to set goals with the best chance of success. Be ambitious. Fly high.

Setting goals provides a reference point for determining whether you are actually succeeding. Having a clear goal shows us if we are on the right track.

Advice 02
Time is Your Best Currency

Time is precious. No matter how organized you are, a day only has 24 hours. Time does not change.

The only thing you can really manage is yourself and what you do with your time. Appreciate it. Don’t waste it. Get on with it as soon as you can.


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Advice 03
Create a Positive Mindset

Without a positive mentality and a strong desire to achieve your goals, you are certain to fail. This is something that happens often. A negative mentality blocks your ability to take action.

A positive attitude strengthens you when you are down. You control your attitude. The attitude does not emerge from what happens to you, but from how you decide to interpret what happens to you.

With a positive mentality, it will be easy to overcome the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Advice 04
Keep it simple

Remember, simple doesn’t mean easy.  Often the simplest things to do are the most difficult.

When a problem seems complex to you, it’s only because you don’t have full control and awareness yet.

Masters attain simplicity. When life hinders you, stay focused on your goals. The more focused you are, the more successful you will become.

Fulfilling one’s intentions is not easy. We said it! It takes commitment and perseverance. You have had the opportunity to reflect and to internalize the first four tips listed in this article. Today, I’ll show you more.

Do not forget what you have learned. Your success will depend on the implementation of all 16 final points. It’s like a house you build. Every brick is necessary to keep it standing. If you don’t do them all, it’s like a paper castle falling down at the first breath.

All the points combined will make you conquer 2019. Set goals, don’t waste your time, be positive and make it easy. These are the foundations on which you began to work and on which today you will rest four more bricks to help you succeed.

Don’t forget that whatever your intention is, the ultimate goal is to win.

Advice 04
Don’t Wait For Directions

In general, as long as you go forward and make progress towards a goal, no one will complain. Taking the initiative is always the right thing to do.

Even if you make a mistake, it is always better to stand still. Only those who take action can make a mistake. It’s better to be able to learn from a mistake than from nothing.

Action always leads to something. Don’t wait. Act.

Advice 04
Make Your Goals Clear

This is an essential point. In order to achieve an objective, the latter must be clear. You have to specify what you are trying to achieve.

“Losing weight” or “Keeping the house clean” are great goals. Pull down every vague and general goal and make it clear and specific.

Think about what you want specifically. Identify the steps you need to take. This will make it easier to reach the target in the course of the year.


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Advice 04
Set Specific Deadlines

Remember, you have a full year to reach your goals. Only 12 months. You only have 365 days to complete the list of goals you have created.

If you set deadlines, you’ll be more organized. You will have organized your time, your day and your life.

You will have full control of your life. You are shaping your life, you are not waiting for life to go wrong. Deadlines will make you responsible.

Advice 04
Listen More Than You Talk

In your interactions with others, be more interested in what they can teach you more than what you can teach them.

Listen, always. Listening is an important skill that needs to be developed. It is important in every aspect of life.

By listening to others you can build relationships with them. By listening to others you can learn a lot. And by learning, you will make progress and be happier.

You are halfway along the way.

Unbelievable! 2018 is already at the end of the line and all travelers have started to think about the goals they want to add in 2019. Including you and me. Obviously, a new year represents new possibilities. Despite this, only 8% of people actually reach their targets each year.

25% already leave after a week. But you will be part of that 8% that wins. Today I’m going to show you four other ways to respect and achieve the goals you’re setting for yourself. Science has repeatedly shown that the people who successfully achieve their goals are those who write them down, express them openly and break them down into smaller pieces.

In your life you can be on the Offence or Defence. Just pick your side!

[Gary Vaynerchuck]

We have said many times that the success of your future depends on the implementation of all the points that I have listed and will list for you. Keep in mind the previous ones present in the first and second articles. Don’t forget to defend your goals, avoid wasting your time, have a positive attitude, simplify everything, don’t wait for directions, make clear what you want, set deadlines and listen a lot.

Advice 04
Stop Complaining

Nobody wants a cry baby around. Life is hard. We work hard. So stop complaining!

Put your ideas together and find a way to improve your life.

If you see something wrong, don’t complain! React and make it right. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to do it. Take the initiative.

Stay positive. Positivity is the way to success.

Advice 04
Think About Where You Are Now

Look back and observe your 2018 before moving on to new goals. Ask yourself. What went well? What went wrong? What can you improve? What don’t you like?

Analyse every aspect. Be critical. Write it down and face it. You need to be clear about the starting point and the end point. Only in this way will you know the way to go.

Make an in-depth analysis of your past and future. Understand where you were, where you are and where you want to go.


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Advice 04
Consider the Big Picture

Society is a great machine that works thanks to many gears. And you are one of them. So if you want to reach the summit you have to learn to look at the full picture from a distance.

You have to see the whole big machine and understand how to fit into it. Only by having a complete vision will you be able to win.

You are not an island. You are not alone. Your actions must be in harmony with the rest of the society. By knowing how society works, you will know how to move.

Advice 04
Stay Organized

Get organized and be organized at all times. There are people who are organized today and disorganized tomorrow. Organization optimizes time. If you’re organized, you won’t waste a moment of your time.

Your life is a journey. If you don’t organize the stages, you’ll waste time understanding how to get where you want to go. Organization reduces waiting.

Great organization surpasses talent. If you have both, you have the keys to success.

We are now at the finishing line. 2018 is over. And amidst a thousand thoughts, you’re getting ready to face 2019. The year in which you want to achieve new goals. Before anything else, I want to tell you to be brave. The world will not tell you your strength. It’s up to you to recognize it and show it proudly.

Only rulers show strength. And rulers are such only if they conquer. Don’t forget that you have the power to become what you commit to. The only limit you can meet is what you impose on yourself. Always focus your attention where it is most important, on the things that are under your control.

Live your life to the fullest and focus on the positive!

[M. Cameron]

Don’t forget what you have learned. Do not implement one point at a time. These 16 points must be the philosophy you apply every day to your life. Remember what you have internalized. After analyzing where you are now, set your goals and make them clear. Simplify everything by having a positive attitude. Don’t wait for directions, but act without wasting your time. Organize and set deadlines to be met. Listen more than you talk and don’t complain.

Advice 04
Constantly Improve

If you want to climb the ladder of success, my dear, you must constantly improve. The skills and competences that have brought you here will no longer take you further.

Winners push their skills to the limit. People love people who go beyond their limits. They are surprised. Those who stop are lost. They are no longer masters of their lives.

That’s why you need to listen much more than you talk to people. Because you have to learn and improve. Always.

Advice 04
Never Stop Asking

It’s obvious. If you want to improve, you have to ask. In life you have to learn. You can and must always do better.

You have to ask to understand what the problem is and how best to solve it. Questions are the best way to get to the root and develop more innovative solutions.

Asking questions leads to easier and more effective learning. Some people think that asking questions is a sign of weakness and uncertainty. On the contrary, it is a sign of strength and intelligence.


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Advice 04
Go the Extra Mile

If you want something that you never had, you have to do something you never did. If you want to give the world something it never had, you have to do something that no one has ever done.

It’s simple. Success could be right on the next mile. Success is beyond the road you’ve never travelled. Once again. Dare. Don’t be afraid.

Be brave, strong and safe.

Advice 04

Quite simply. Be happy.

As GaryVee says, Happiness is the ROI of our lives!

This is the last chapter. But we are not at the end of the path.

This is just the beginning. Now it’s your turn.

Make these tips your own.

Be the master of your life and dominate this 2019 where you will eventually be the winner.

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