5 Tips To Be More Productive and Do More in Less Time

How often do we ask ourselves to be more productive and do more in less time?

Have you ever found yourself halfway through a study-day/workday and then you say to yourself:

What have I done today?“, “Have I done anything important with my time today?“, “Have I made a step further in the right direction?

This is very important to ask ourselves, because I strongly believe that the single-most precious asset we have in our careers, maybe in our lives, is time.


Every minute that passes by, and we have to take the most from that minute, be more productive, because it’ll never come back AND we need it for our SUCCESS!

So you are a Millennial, you were born from 1980 and 2000. Right now you are a student/job searchingor a young professional or entrepreneur. Or you are studying while working part time to earn money for you and your family.

I know you, because (you know what?) I was there before you and I know what you are thinking, everyday in your life: 

Will I get the life I want, reach my dreams and my goals?

I was asking this question every single day when I was young like you are now, before becoming a University Professor/Mechanical Engineer/Entrepreneur/Speaker.

Do you feel like you could do better? 
Do you feel like you are stuck right now? 
Family problems, personal problems, job problems keep you up at night?
Things are not going as planned because you’re not getting what you deserve?

I need to tell you, my friend, it is not a question of luck or being in the right place in the world, it’s a question of goal setting/planning/working hard/consistency and self awareness. So, if you want to reach your goals, you have to work on your PRODUCTIVITY and TIME MANAGEMENT!

Here are 5 tips to do more in less time, you can apply them right now and test how they will work for you:

Advice 01
Find Out Where You’re Wasting Time

Most of us are time wasters. We often waste precious time that we could use much more productively and we don’t realize it. What makes you waste your time? Do you spend so much time surfing the Internet, reading emails and posts on Facebook, talking on the phone?

A survey showed that 31% of respondents admitted to losing about an hour a day at work every day. The same percentage was approximately half an hour, 6% 3 hours a day, 2% approximately four hours. A huge amount of time.

What is important is the monitoring of daily activities. Monitoring what you do during the day helps you to get a clear picture of how much time you spend doing a particular activity. This is the first step towards effective time management.

Advice 02
Set Specific Goals

The formula for setting a specific goal is very simple. Goal + performance measure + action to be taken to achieve the goal. If for example your goal is to lose weight, it will be “I will lose 10 kg (goal) in two months (performance measure) by running for half an hour a day for six days a week (actions).

The performance measure can be a period of time or any other objective criteria that you can use to determine whether you have achieved the specific goal you have set yourself or not.

LEARN HOW to create better opportunities for yourself, and make change easier so that you can move towards your life and career goals in a comfortable way

Advice 03
Implement a Time Management Plan

It’s an extension of the second board. You don’t just have to set specific goals, you have to monitor them over time to see if you are achieving them or not. The goal is to change your behaviour to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

In time management, there is one fundamental thing to understand. No matter how organized you are, there are always only 24 hours a day. Time does not change. All we can do is manage ourselves with the time we have available. Enjoy the time you have.

A central point in time management is changing your attitudes, not your time. A good place to start is to eliminate your time wasters. For example, you could start by setting a goal such as “Don’t answer non-working messages and phone calls during working hours”.

Advice 04
Focus On Small and Fast Wins

The biggest mistake most people make while working on their goals is trying to do too many things at once rather than taking small steps. To get to the top, you climb one step at a time.

Divide your larger goals into smaller goals. Annual goals include quarterly goals that include monthly goals that include weekly goals that include daily goals.

“What is that one step, the preliminary step I can take today to bring me closer to my final goal?”. That’s the question you have to ask yourself every day. Avoid dreaming about the summit of the mountain, which is the great goal. Focus on small daily victories. That’s how you achieve your goals over time.

Advice 05
Focus on one goal at a time

These are the goals that motivate successful people. Without goals, no dream would become a reality. There are no shortcuts. Successful people are those who work hard, stay consistent, remain focused and get the results they wanted years ago.

Focus on one goal at a time. Multi-tasking affects productivity and moves you away from success. Stay focused on a single goal.

Concentration is important because it affects the challenges of our lives. By focusing on a single goal, you will be more organized, you will acquire more skills. That’s why staying focused really matters and deserves priority.

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LEARN HOW to create better opportunities for yourself, and make change easier so that you can move towards your life and career goals in a comfortable way

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