Successful people all have one thing in common: self-promotion. That’s why today I’m going to mention 5 ways to promote yourself like a pro.

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The greatest difficulty you encounter when doing self-promotion is the ability to separate the real being from the being as a product. On one hand, you are imperfect and fallible. On the other hand, we have the “you” you are selling. A perfect and infallible “you”. Fantastic and superhuman. To be successful you have to learn to sell your skills.

It’s not easy to “know how to sell”. Self-promotion is not a natural behaviour. It is often associated with something improper. Boasting is a behaviour that seems to be condemned by every culture. It’s not always like that. You can do self-promotion without being hateful. It is a simple matter to talk about oneself by promoting one’s own qualities.

Most people think that work speaks for itself and that qualities will be recognized on the basis of commitment, without the need for self-promotion. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In a world of work as competitive as today, if you think that hard work is enough to move forward, it is very likely that you will lag behind those who have implemented self-promotion.



People who can promote themselves not only get a job more easily but also create much stronger networks both in their work environment and outside. And that leads them to success.

People will never know your value unless you say so. Self-promotion is nothing more than the strategic construction of your brand that shows the value you have to offer.

Advice 01
Tell a Story

Making a list of your achievements and strengths may seem like a mere summary of what you are saying in order to make you proud.

If you can talk about your work in an interesting story, people will be more likely to remember it. That’s the most important thing.

You have to leave a lasting memory of your potential with the people who can help you achieve success.

Advice 02
Engage with Others

Subscribe to the blogs and communities you are interested in. Comment on the work of others. These are ways to get involved.

These comparisons will not only help you stay up to date but also create awareness around your opinion. You’ll see what people think about you.

There is too much competition. You have to maintain an active online presence. Communicate and engage with people who are like the “you” you want to be.

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Advice 03
Think Like a Brand

If your promotion is delivering the desired results, they must have a common point: your brand.

What people see must be consistent. Images, logos, color schemes must lead to your brand.

You have to be recognizable. Your brand is your image. It is the identity perceived by people. Your brand is the mental image that stands out in the minds of the people you need to succeed.

Advice 04
Make the News

People rarely keep an eye on websites that are interesting to them, so every now and then they need something that will make them want to come back.

The newsletters do just that. People always check their emails, so if you’re doing something interesting they’ll know without necessarily having to go and find the resource.

Keep in touch. Keep your audience up to date on what you’re doing and the results you’re getting.

Advice 05

The light bulb of creative people lights up when they are in a group. The results can be surprising.

Collaboration stimulates the mind and makes you aware of your value. Collaborate with people you can learn from. Show them your potential even in words.

You may feel uncomfortable promoting yourself.

But remember: if you don’t talk about your successes, you will drastically decrease your chances of success.

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