Affiliate marketing for beginners: from ZERO to HERO

Hello TRIBE, In this post I’ll show you everything you need to know to start your own Affiliate Marketing Strategy from ZERO to HERO! In 7 easy and clear steps!


As you all know, every single day I do my best, to answer each one of you and give you my best advice based on my experience.

So, I think that the best advice I can give you today is to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, STOP COMPLAINING AND START TAKE ACTION ON A NEW JOB!

To do this you need to innovate yourself, improve your skills and reach everything you want!

A lot of you are asking me for suggestions to get a job and make money. Start thinking that you have plenty of time and money is the last thing you need. Get your job for your goals, not for the money!

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Every job I can suggest you IS NOTHING if you don’t get the real passion and motivation to do it! Even if it’s an easy job (like Affiliate Marketing), it will not get you to reach your dreams if you don’t build it on your passions.

My friend, the solution you need is about passion and mindset.

Passion: if you find your real passions don’t need to force yourself to study or whatever. If you really do something within your passion you will think about it night and day, without any distraction.

Mindset: once you have defined your passion, you have to set up your goals and the time to reach them. Once you have your goals you will work hard and consistently on it to reach them!

Find your real passion, think about what you need and set up your mindset to start your new job as a great affiliate marketer!

In this article I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know to start affiliate marketing, even if you’ve never made it before, don’t have a huge audience, or even if you haven’t started to work for yourself before.

We’ve a lot of work to do, so let’s get going!

Download my FREE GUIDE: 7 Steps To Turn 
 Your PASSION Into 
An Online Business

1. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing. So, keep always in your mind that you have to track your performance every single day!

Whereby affiliates (people like you that want to start a profitable job) promote a vendor’s (someone who wants to sell something) product or service and get compensated for every sale, visit, or subscription they send to the merchant.

There are different ways you can run, manage, and promote an affiliate program and this may involve multiple parties in the relationship. But there are two main participants without which the existence of the very type of marketing as such as affiliate marketing would have not been possible. And these are the party that has the product or service and the party that sells it, YOU.

The former is the merchant, sometimes also called advertiser or vendor, while the latter is the affiliate (you), sometimes also called publisher.

In this article we will focus on the latter on affiliates (as you maybe will become).

2. How it works

Here are 7 steps to start affiliate marketing:

  1. Choose one Affiliate Marketing Platform to start with (ClickBank, Amazon, etc)
  2. Choose your niche
  3. Search for the best product for your niche on the Platform
  4. Sign up for their affiliate program: You will get a special link that allows the vendor to track the people who clicked your link
  5. Plan your strategy to let people click on that link
  6. Take action on that plan every single day with consistency
  7. Be Consistent

GOAL: They buy the product, you get a commission.

So simple as it is!

3. Let’s start

Here’s exactly what you have to do to start your affiliate business right now from scratch!

Remember, nothing is easy, my friend, no shortcuts but hard work, strategy, ideas and CONSISTENCY in everything you do.

Advice 01
STEP 1: Choose a platform that is good for you and sign up

So, first things first, you need to choose your first Affiliate Platform to start with.

But, what is it?

An affiliate platform acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and vendor affiliate programs. It allows website publishers (affiliates, as you, they don’t have a product, so they want to sell someone else’s product/service) to more easily find and participate in affiliate programs (from vendors, who want to sell their own prduct/service) which are suitable for their website, and allows vendors to reach a larger audience by promoting their affiliate programs (their products/services) to all of the affiliates participating in the affiliate platform.

So, here are the participants:

  1. Vendors: want to sell their own product;
  2. Affiliates: want to sell vendor’s product;
  3. Affiliate platform: the website in which Vendors and Affiliates will meet.

Best Affiliate Platforms to consider

  1. Amazon Associates: If you want to promote physical/online products, Amazon Associates should be your first-stop shop. Becoming ad Amazon Associate, you can earn a commission on anything sold at

What makes this program even more valuable is that you earn a commission on everything new that someone you refer purchases, even if it’s not the product you linked to.

For example: you link to a $9 book but that person ends up buying a $450 computer, you still get the commission.

  1. ClickBank: it is a very good affiliate platform that has a lot of digital products, though it also offers physical products as well.

ClickBank is definitely more on the “smaller” end of Vendors and Affiliate, so it’s for you if you are starting right now!

For example, you’ll find a lot of merchants who are selling eBooks, online courses, or membership sites. These merchants might not have the name recognition of a national or international brand, but they can be great offers if they fit your niche.

You can find other platforms just searching for it on Google.

So, choose one and sign up!

Advice 02
STEP 2: Choose your niche

While there are a million marketing and sales strategies you can employ to find new customers, your niche is where the rubber really meets the road.

What is a niche? It is the group of persons you want to sell your (vendor’s) product/service. So they are your customers, but you have to choose them in the right way.

REMEMBER: Money is in the niche!

The worst thing you can do is to try to sell your product to everyone!

So, one of the most critical things you can do, to improve your sales and marketing as a designer, is to define your niche.

As with any project, the first thing you’ll want to do, when defining your niche, is to put yourself in the mind of your potential customer. Of course, this is usually easier to do for other people than it is for yourself.

Your own niche is based on your passion! Yes, define your passion and build your niche on that! SURE!

My friend, it’s easy, to find your niche answer the following 4 questions:

  1. Identify the talents and skills you’re good at
  2. Out of the above talents and skills, what do you enjoy doing most?
  3. Of those talents and skills you enjoy, what do people need?
  4. From the above needs, what will people pay big money for?

Those are the people you will sell your product!

Deal? Good!

Advice 03
STEP 3: Search for the best product for your niche on the Platform

That’s much more easy, you just have to open your mind and search for a product that your niche will buy AND as your niche is defined on your passions, find a product that YOU will buy!

Don’t think small, stay tuned and open evaluating different possibilities related to the product, the price, the vendor and the platform.

The vendor will give you a percentage of the product price.

In the next article we will analyze Clickbank, I’ll tell you how to find the right product to sell on that platform.

Advice 04
STEP 4: Sign up for their affiliate program

It depends on the platform you choose, but every platform gives you an “affiliate link” to the product.

It works this way:

  1. You choose the product
  2. They give you a personalized link to the product
  3. This link is related to you only!
  4. You put that link on your blog or social media profile, posts, stories, bios, videos or whatever (in next articles I’ll show you how to build up your own content to sell better)
  5. The customer (in your niche) clicks on your link and goes to the product page (vendor’s page)
  6. The customer buys the product
  7. The platform gives you the money for that purchase (based on your deal with the vendor, what % of the price you’ll get).

Advice 05
STEP 5: Plan your own strategy

Make a plan, make a plan, make a plan!

  1. Define your goal: what do you want to achieve? Be as much specific as you can!
  2. Reverse engineering from your goal: Identify your end goal, then list everything you need to do to accomplish it. Depending on your goal, you may even consider different ways to reach your goal.
  3. Be specific and realistic: Having a specific goal is just the beginning: you need to be specific and realistic in every aspect of your project, define timeframe, achievable schedules, processes, activities, milestones, and final outcomes.
  4. Set measurable milestones: Milestones mark significant stages along the road to achieving your end goal. Define them as measurable way to verify your work
  5. Split large tasks into smaller, more manageable activities: Some tasks or milestones may seem more daunting to achieve than others.
  6. Make a list of tasks: that you need to complete in order to hit your milestones. Remember: you must write this list into a timeline associated with specific, realistic actions.
  7. Put timelines on every task: Without specific time frames and deadlines some tasks may never get completed.

Advice 06
STEP 6: Take action on that plan every single day with consistency

A lot of you are asking for suggestions and guidance to improve themself and be more competitive, reach their goals, be motivated, enhance their career, find a new job or become entrepreneurs.

BUT, what I see is that, after someone asks about suggestions, he/she disappears, he/she doesn’t take action on my advices, doesn’t do anything. He/she continues to live in the same way and never change his/her mindset. And, you know, as they do so, they will never change their life!

So, now, start taking action on your plan!

Affiliate marketing could be a great opportunity for your first job, or your side job or just to earn some money for your next trip.

Advice 07
STEP 7: Be Consistent

Consistency is a great characteristic to build and implement in your life. Over time, as you become more consistent, keep yourself motivated and accountable. It’s hard to be consistent if you don’t have a strong idea of what you need to do.

Go and build yourself for your goal. You have to grind, work on it and be consistent every day. Nothing is easy my friend, the more your goal is high the more you have to work. It’s not about career option, it’s about your option to work on it. Do it.

If it’s your dream, that’s the only one ability you need. First you need to learn and learn and learn. Study hard with this topic and don’t worry about the rest.

Free yourself from others and do what you need to do, express your passions, implement your convictions and be consistent in doing it.

This is what the winners do!

GOAL: They buy the product, you get a commission.

ARE YOU READY to start your own Online Business today and earn as much money as you work on it?

GO, I believe in you!

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