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How to use Body Language to Boost Your Career

Body language is one of the most powerful types of communication in world history and if used correctly, it can become the key to success. Today I’m going to explain how to use body language to boost your career.


Moving forward in your professional life is a difficult task. It’s certainly not new. You need a combination of skills, strategy and experience that you acquire over time. However, one of the most important aspects is the way you project yourself non-verbally towards those around you. In other words, how skilled you are in the art of body language.

We have all heard at least once in our lives the phrase “Actions are more valuable than words”. Never was a statement truer. According to some studies, non-verbal communication has a greater impact – between 65% and 93% – than the words actually spoken. Body language says a lot about you, more than you can imagine and more than you can really say. In a competitive work environment, non-verbal communication plays an extremely important role.

“Don’t hope for it, WORK for it!”


Body language becomes even more important when first impressions have to be established. The way others perceive you – for example in a job interview or business meeting – is established through an appropriate combination of verbal and non-verbal communication. So you need to be aware of how you are behaving and what you are communicating with your gestures. Proper use of body language can help you create fruitful relationships and present your ideas more authoritatively.

The suggestions I am about to give you will help you to perfect your non-verbal communication in order to make a good impression and strengthen your career.

Advice 01
Make Eye Contact

An example of good non-verbal communication is undoubtedly eye contact.

Whether you are shy and introverted or your culture has taught you not to have prolonged eye contact with your superior, know that most businessmen in the West and the rest of the world expect you to maintain eye contact for more than 50% of the time.

To learn how to make eye contact, greet your colleague by looking at him long enough to understand the colour of his eyes.

Advice 02

Facial expressions improve your mood. A smile exudes positivity and confidence. And of course the people around you will feel it.

Smiling not only changes your sense of well-being, but tells others that you are an accessible and reliable person. Smiling has a powerful effect on people.

Our brains prefer happy faces and facial expressions trigger corresponding feelings. If you smile, they will smile at you and an environment of positivity will be created.



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Advice 03
Give Firm Handshakes

A handshake is the most powerful, common and ancient verbal gesture. It is worth taking some time to cultivate a good handshake. You will not shake hands with colleagues and bosses every day, so it is essential that the first time is perfect. This will give them a first impression about you.

The right handshake gives you immediate credibility. The wrong one can cost you your job. So, no “dead hand” or too strong handshakes. The first will make you look like a good-for-nothing person, while the second will make you look like a bully.

A good handshake is the basis for many good deals in the future. People who have a good handshake are twice as likely to be remembered.

Advice 04
Strike a Power Posture

The mere name “Power Posture” increases self-confidence. What does it consist of? Very simple. Open your body and take up as much space as possible. Example: standing with your legs wide with your shoulders and hands on your hips.

Some studies have shown an increase in testosterone, pain tolerance and ability to take risks when taking a power posture.

An upright posture with your shoulders back and head held high will make you look confident and therefore inspire more confidence.

Putting these suggestions into practice will improve your non-verbal communication skills. The more you put them into practice, the more natural they will become and the more effective they will be.

How do you feel about it?

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