Inspiration will save business, perhaps…

I’ve always been fascinated by inspiration.
I’m terribly intrigued by gifted people.
As a boy, I used to identify with what I thought were special lives. I abandoned my point of view and tried to live their reality, to experience their thought, to look at the world with their eyes.

I remember, in high school, there was a classmate of mine who drew, freehand, anything and did it with such ease that you wanted to imitate it.

Enrico, that’s his name (it’s been – alas – many years, but I still remember him…Hello Enrico!).

An absolute genius, misunderstood by most and, probably, also by himself. Everything was so easy for him, a single glance at the professor explaining and here the caricature was ready, a quick comment on the actress of the moment and then he outlines her silhouette, with her chewed-up ballpoint… already, for him the instrument was not important, he had magic in his hands and that strength in his imagination… I was there to look at him in silence, in religious silence.

And then, I admit, I tried to imitate him. I used to do it secretly, in my room. But, to my great disappointment, there was no magic in my stroke, the simplicity of that gesture vanished with the lack of imagination, and the ease I had admired became an enormous burden on my pencil.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

[Vincent Willem van Gogh]

Inspiration draws a new reality and applies it to a dream.


What’s that? It seemed so easy! I couldn’t understand myself.

Over the years, thanks to that curiosity, I learned to understand the value of inspiration and to put it into practice. I’ve always looked for people, among my students and in my company, capable of replicating that sense of easiness, that magic, to be applied to an idea, to a challenge, to a product.

This is the case of Vito, our graphic designer, an authentic “Osellian” talent, who through drawing, analyses and interprets reality, decomposes it, reshapes it and creates new ones. I’d spend hours watching him create (but I don’t do it out of modesty).


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Inspiration draws a new reality and applies it to a dream.

What does it have to do with business?

I believe that companies must be dreams that come true, made by people who have talent and want to change the world … citing my usual ‘friend’ Steve (Jobs – ed), I would say “because only those who have the courage to change the world, really change it”.

However, if we, entrepreneurs, do not pull away that grey coating from companies, devoted EXCLUSIVELY to profit, which exploit everything that is exploitable (people and resources), then we won’t be adding anything to its ” shared improvement “. We need to erase from our minds and our way of doing things, the figure of an entrepreneur who must shake hands and make compromises or, worse still, weave canvases that are more or less lawful in order to close a contract. We need to understand that only the development of talent can make a product truly competitive, innovative, unique and can make the difference between “a company” and another “company”.

If we understand all this, it means that we must accept the fact that our nations no longer has much to say in terms of competitiveness and entrepreneurial innovation.

Well, good luck to you, Vito.

A hug to Enrico.

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