Must Read Books For Your Career and Job

Today I’m focusing on your skills and I will suggest you some Must Read Books for Your Career and Job. Many of us wonder how to become highly successful in our careers and jobs, not realizing that we hold within us everything we need to achieve all of the success we desire and deserve. Success is the result of 2 things: smart education and hard work!

In this article I’m starting up a new topic about smart education, talking about e-books that will help us to succeed!


My dear friends, if you follow me since a while, you already know my strong belief about “how to be a better you and change your life” through investing in your education and culture. A lot of you are asking me for suggestions and guidance to improve themself and be more competitive, reach their goals, be motivated, enhance their career, find a new job or become entrepreneurs.

Every single day I do my best, to answer each one of you and give you my best advice based on my experience.

BUT, what I see is that, after someone asks about suggestions, he/she disappears, he/she doesn’t take action on my advices, doesn’t do anything. He/she continues to live in the same way and never change his/her mindset. And, you know, as they do so, they will never change their life!

Nelson Mandela said: “if you want to change the world, change education”, I say: “if you want to change the world, change YOUR education”.

So, I think that the best advice I can give you today is to INVEST IN YOUR EDUCATION AND CULTURE, innovate yourself to improve and reach everything you want!

BUT, investing in culture, today, doesn’t mean necessarily go (or go back) to University or take a Master in something. It means, to me, to invest in something much more efficient and effective for someone who wants to take action immediately on his/her own life, career and job!

As you all know, there are a lot of ways to improve our skills and education, online through e-courses, e-books, YouTube videos, Podcasts, etc.

I will go deep on each one of these “ways”, because I strongly believe that online education is the future (ops, the present in some environments). You need to change your point of view about building your skills and give online education a chance.

Your career, your job, your personal improvement are waiting for you to plan on a strategy and take action consistently. As I always say, you have to live like your Future-Self in watching you!

So, this is the first article on this goal: give you the best inspiration for being successful through education. To do this, first of all, I want to focus on the simplest tools to start with: e-books!

Here is my list of Must Read Books For Your Career and Job. It is divided in 2 sections: e-books on Self Improvement, e-books on Career and Job. So, let’s start!

“if you want to change the world, change YOUR education” 

[Agostino Marengo]

Inspiration is always at the heart of success. Whatever you want to do in your life, listen to the inspirations that come not only from your inner self but also from the world around you. If you are looking for success, you must have stimulating and motivating thoughts. I dare say that inspiration is the mother of motivation and – as I have told you before – motivation is the engine that moves everything.

So, work on your inspiration to get the best motivation, let’s read these Must Read Books for Your Career and Job!

Advice 01
e-books on Self Improvement

First of all we need to improve our vision about ourself! We have to focus on our self awareness and self consciousness!



Live Like Your Future-Self is Watching You!

Do you feel scared about your future and want to get the lifehack driving your vision? Do you want to take action on your life and build up your future?
Do you want to learn more skills on how to set your goals?
Do you have challenges following through with your goals?
Do you want to get more done in less time and apply new skills in your personal and professional career?
Do you want to be more productive with the hours of your workday or study day?
Do you feel overwhelmed with being too “busy”?


If you can relate with some of the above questions and you are searching for a sharp, clear, concrete, solid, and practical guide, this book is for you!

What You’ll Get: eBook/Book + PLUS: FSP Guides Pack (11 guides to hack your life)


Advice 02
e-books on Career and Job

Give a big boost to your Career, build up yourself for the Job you deserve or become an Entrepreneur. Here’s how!

I’m sure, my friends, that you will enjoy these e-books and you’ll start working on yourself and your success!

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Lifehack. Live Like Your Future-Self is Watching You!

This is the one and only Lifehack you need to follow in your life to win.

Passions, goals, energy. These are the three levers we can rely on so that our “future-self” can be proud of us. Let’s think about ourselves in 20 or 30 years from now; let’s think about us in the future and ask ourselves: what is our lifehack driving us? how are we acting now? How are we organizing ourselves now so that in the future we can be proud of ourselves and what we have done?


What You’ll Get: eBook/Book + PLUS: FSP Guides Pack (11 guides to hack your life)

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