My 5 Mantras For Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking could be an important, but scaring, skill.

If the only thought of speaking in public scares you, keep calm and follow these 5 MANTRAS FOR IMPROVING YOUR PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS.

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Public speaking is one of the most experienced fears. It can make you anxious and make you sweat out your hands. Each of us has physiological reactions when we have to speak in public. First of all, do not associate these feelings with something necessarily negative. The adrenaline rush that makes you sweat can make you more alert and help you give your all.

The ability to communicate a message and sell an idea is a fundamental skill if you want to have an impact on the world. And even in the world of Millennials, full of animated GIFs, emoticons, hashtags and limited-character messages, public speaking is still the most effective way to convince and inspire. It’s the only way to paint and show others your vision.

You may have the most brilliant and ingenious idea of the century, but if you don’t know how to communicate it, it will be the same as all the others. On the contrary, you may have some imperfect idea that will be successful because you were able to communicate it in the right way. Public speaking skills are valuable in every area of life.



You may not have to speak often to an audience that listens to you, but developing your public speaking skills will increase your confidence and reduce performance anxiety when you have to go on stage and talk to the audience in front of you. It’s like when you did your first story on Instagram. A little shame, a little fear, but then it became normal for you simply because you got used to it. Practice your public speaking skills.

How do we make ourselves PRO as Public Speakers? Here are my 5 Mantras for you

Advice 01
Focus On The Voice

Many speakers focus all their attention on creating the right message, neglecting the setting of their voice.

Focus on your voice and what makes you unique instead of focusing on what’s new in the message. Voice is part of your uniqueness.

Learn how to manage the tone of your voice. Emphasize the uniqueness of your message with your voice instead of repeating unnecessary words. Have a cheerful, safe and decisive tone.

Advice 02
Keep It Simple

I just said that. Don’t make unnecessary repetitions. Many complicate their speech by making it fast, trying to say and get everything out in a timely manner.

Slow down and keep your speech simple. Be clear. Avoid unnecessary outlines. Use understandable language. A speech that is too sought-after will require a greater effort from your audience and this will bore them first.

Simplicity will allow them to follow the red thread of your speech.

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Advice 03
Structure Your Material

Structure your speech into three sections: grabber, middle and close. To structure it effectively, you need to know what you’re talking about.

The structure will help you to follow a logical path. Become really interested in the topic. Knowledge will make you safe and reduce anxiety.

Find the right language and examples for your audience. Find the right stories. Including personal stories. The important thing is that they are consistent with the focus of your speech. Very often, the audience likes to listen to the stories of the speaker.

Advice 04

Practice out loud with all the equipment you use. Work to check the words you’ll use. Repeating out loud helps you understand how to handle your voice.

Practice, pause and breathe. Do it as if you were on stage. Move and talk as if your performance were there at the time. Don’t talk fast. Take your time.

Use a clock to check the time and always leave a margin for unforeseen events.

Advice 05
Just Smile

Sounds like the most trivial thing, but it’s not. There’s nothing simpler or more powerful than a smile. Always smile.

Smile before you go on stage, smile as you make your speech. The smile brings with it an innate feeling of security and exudes security to your whole body.

Smile at the audience. Smiling at someone in the audience can help you feel calmer and less nervous as well as making you feel connected to the audience you are talking to.


Sooner or later it will be everyone’s turn to speak in public. When that time comes, it is important that you are ready not only to speak but also to be heard.

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LEARN HOW to create better opportunities for yourself, and to make change easier so that you can move towards your life and career goals in a comfortable way

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