My corporate romanticism and talent scouting

I like to call myself a romantic entrepreneur, as if to say, I suffer from corporate romanticism. I need to attract FSP Talents!

I am in love with my company which is small, dynamic, determined and resolute, operating in the field of online training, better known as e-learning, a term that does not fully make sense of what we do.

Yesterday morning I was in Rome. I’m often on the road due to work (and passion). I am a university professor; I travel between Bari and Rome. 

But for some years now I’ve also been an entrepreneur.

My company, OSEL ( was a Spin off company of the University of Bari since march 5th, 2009 to june 2013, when 2013 it becomes an SRL Company, leader in e-learning and ICT fields. The Osel acronym is ‘‘Open Source ELearning’’, that good explain the open source soul of the company.

Osel headquarters are in Bari, a city located in south east of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea.

Osel is the perfect partner in planning training paths and Gamification solutions for small and medium companies. Infact, Osel is capable of supplying e-learning solutions “all inclusive” that best fits our clients whether it’s a private or public company responding to international standards, comply with high quality and great efficiency.

Osel represents a landmark in technology for all companies whom would like to capture the advantages in saving money and the efficiency that e-learning can offer associated with quality at university level.

We also provide side by side training for managers in the conversion for new learning methods providing adequate support and acting as an external reference for each activity, personalization, development and assistance, necessary for the renewal process of internal training.

Osel’s Main clients: Brembo SPA, Intesa SanPaolo Bank, Valentino Couture SPA, Fendi SPA, Vodafone Italy SPA, Pirelli SPA, Sky Italia SPA, Cefla Group SPA, University of Bari, LUMSA University in Rome, ITALO Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori SPA, Milano Serravalle SPA.

Yesterday morning, I said, I was in Rome and I was on the phone with Gianluca, the head of our Instructional Designers and our screenwriters. Those who know him, call him “an unpredictable exaggerated foolish professional”.  Exactly what we need.
Well, yesterday, Gianluca did what I expect of him; he stimulated my imagination, he reinvigorated my corporate romanticism. How?

“Happiness is the real ROI of Life”

[Gary Vaynerchuck]

Live like your Future-Self is watching you, make him proud!


With a simple sentence: “We need FSP talents to help us grow“.

You’re right, we need a clarification: FSP means Future Self Proud. For us it is a way to live… like our Future-Self is watching us. We MUST make him proud of us!

FSP talents. What does that mean and how is it related to my Corporate Romanticism?
Like any innovative company, we are constantly looking for human resources, the real treasure, the real added value of any organization that aims for excellence.

Over the years I’ve seen so many talents – we’ll certainly talk about them – talents in marketing, sales, visionaries, humanists, cinephiles, screenwriters, nerds, software developers, gamers, designers of virtual environments… Talents make the company grow, improve it, change it, grow with it and shape it.

Jobs used to say that in a memorable and super-abused speech, “A great company must be able to attract talent to grow!”
We try to do this in our own small way: attract talent to grow! But it’s not enough for us, they have to be FSP.



Live Like Your Future-Self is Watching You!

Do you feel scared about your future and want to get the lifehack driving your vision? Do you want to take action on your life and build up your future?
Do you want to learn more skills on how to set your goals?
Do you have challenges following through with your goals?
Do you want to get more done in less time and apply new skills in your personal and professional career?
Do you want to be more productive with the hours of your workday or study day?
Do you feel overwhelmed with being too “busy”?


If you can relate with some of the above questions and you are searching for a sharp, clear, concrete, solid, and practical guide, this book is for you!

What You’ll Get: eBook/Book + PLUS: FSP Guides Pack (11 guides to hack your life)


Who is an FSP talent? It’s someone who looks like us!
First of all, he must have the humility to learn, which seems normal, but it’s not so. Our study paths divert us, they lead us to think that after sweating on our books we are ready to say something to ourselves, but! After studying, however, we are ready to understand how we learn and, often, we do not learn what we studied, but we learn to manage the change, our profession, our talent, our person within a team.

The team, that’s it! For an FSP, the team is his “adoptive family“, he must know that others are there and he must be there for them, he must not leave them behind, he must cuddle them and he must be cuddled, he must poke them, impress them, laugh with them, plan, win, lose with a smile, develop a dream and share it.
An FSP is a dreamer!

An FSP has respect in his DNA, another obvious characteristic, which my students say is not true.

Respect is not learned at school, but within the family… rare, like finding a golden nugget in Alaska in about fifty years.

An FSP doesn’t stamp his card, he doesn’t work so hard to achieve, he joins my company for a reason: to change what’s there and share its satisfaction.

That’s what an FSP talent is. I told you, I’m a romantic…corporate. That’s Corporate Romanticism!

See you next time.

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Lifehack. Live Like Your Future-Self is Watching You!

This is the one and only Lifehack you need to follow in your life to win.

Passions, goals, energy. These are the three levers we can rely on so that our “future-self” can be proud of us. Let’s think about ourselves in 20 or 30 years from now; let’s think about us in the future and ask ourselves: what is our lifehack driving us? how are we acting now? How are we organizing ourselves now so that in the future we can be proud of ourselves and what we have done?


What You’ll Get: eBook/Book + PLUS: FSP Guides Pack (11 guides to hack your life)

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