5 advice to get up and go after failure

How do we make ourselves learn from our errors? Here are my 5 simple pieces of advice to get up and go after failure. 

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A couple days ago I was reading an article on the life of Elon Musk, the millionaire inventor of Tesla, SpaceX, and the more recent Neuralink, and I marveled at how “human” he is, next to all of us, there’s nothing fantastical, he’s a person that made mistakes, lost battles, endured defeat.

The important detail, that differentiates him from the many and places him in Olympus of those who “change the world because they believe,” is the number of times that he reacted to adversity, he was not discouraged by negative situations, he bet on himself, he believed in his ideas and, above all, in himself.

He is one like few in the world, but those few are truly many, by now, if we consider Jobs, Gates, and many others.

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live

[A. Einstein]

One learns from making mistakes …. Says the proverb. After failure its’ important to not give up and to try again, to keep a positive attitude and to tap into our will power and our ability for resilience. Even this is not enough if, when he try again, we continue to make the same mistakes. 

How do we make ourselves learn from our errors? Here are 5 simple pieces of advice

Advice 01
Take a second to pause

Let’s take some time to distract ourselves from the problem and calm down our emotions.

Rage, delusion, frustration, and other negative feelings need to run their course, otherwise we’ll never be able to confront things with objectivity.

Advice 02
Analyze the problem

Let’s begin to analyze the reasons behind our failure from every aspect.

Let’s start from the goal that we’ve set. Is it really a total disaster? Or in trying to get 100 have we know achieved 50? 

Let’s focus on the positive facts and on the successes that we’ve obtained anyway. Otherwise, try to understand the defects in our project and in our conduct, the reasons that have brought about a negative event. 

What depends on us and what depends on things outside of us?


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Advice 03
Accept criticism

It’s hard to hear the truth.

Other people could have seen and noticed gaps or defects that we can’t manage to see, for our inexperience or because we’re too taken by enthusiasm and we have undervalued certain aspects.

Listening to constructive criticism without prejudices can give us a new point of view to resolve our problem.

Advice 04
Fill in the gaps

Having identified the negative points in our project or path, we have to resolve them.

Does it depend on our training or inexperience?

Does it depend on a superficial colleague or on an unreliable friend?

Did we act in too much hurry or overlook something?

Having filled the gaps in our project we can begin again with renewed vigor.

Advice 05

Starting again after a failure also means modifying one’s choices and changing course when needed.

It could be necessary to redefine the goal, at times scaling it down and taking a couple steps back.

In the subsequent attempts we will be stronger because we have more instruments, more knowledge, more skills, and we’ll have an even greater probability of success!

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