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6 Tips for Self Development

To live the life you want you need commitment. It is a path that is built step by step. Here are 6 tips for self development.


We all want to constantly improve our lives and we need to build up our self development. We are made up of habits that are created over time. We live our lives in the same way for a long time.

Become the best possible reversion of stubbornness and implement the greatest transformation of your life. Not too much, but it takes time to go beyond your current way of life and be ready to embrace new habits.

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today

[Abraham Lincoln]

It is a process that is created step by step, that’s self development.

To become what you want to become, you have to change what you do every day. You have to create what you love and love what you create.

Decide what you want to be and constantly work to achieve your goal with perseverance and patience.

Advice 01
Start Now

It takes time to achieve lasting change, so don’t wait. Start now.

Do something for your self development here and now.

Start laying the foundations and do not procrastinate. You will reap the fruits of today’s work tomorrow.

Advice 02
Exit your comfort zone

Do something to get out of your comfort zone every day. Things that go beyond your normal pattern will help you grow and will be essential to your self development.

Face what makes you uncomfortable. You will learn to feel comfortable.

This is the only way to ensure you’re not deprived of doors and opportunities.

Advice 03
Always smile

Smile even when you don’t want to. Your smile will deceive your mind. Your brain will think you’re happy. The mere fact of smiling will raise your mood.

Be a positive and optimistic person. Show the world your positivity and enlighten the world around you.
In this way, you will have the right charge to face your life and the changes that come with it.


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Advice 04
Be kind to those you meet

Open the door for someone, give up your seat in the bus or just mindfully pick up what has fallen for someone.

Be interested in the people around you, to your family and outsiders. Kindness implies the presence of empathy.

Your kindness will make you as well as those receiving it happy and will be great for your self development.

Advice 05
Focus on what you see

Certainly, self development is a lifelong process. It is “continuous learning”.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Identify with what is correct right now, at this moment. Focus on the first thing you need to do to achieve your goal. Once you’ve reached that point, go ahead.

Personal development from one thing to another without achieving your goal may seem interesting but in the long run it will be less satisfying.

Advice 06
Accept change

The world is constantly changing. Each of us changes.

Furthermore, if we are not the architects of our change, the world will change us anyway.

It cannot escape from change. If people and ideas did not change, we would live in caves.

Change is the only constant in life. Accept it. Only in this way will you be able to achieve your goals.

Let these tips inspire you all along.

By the way, self development is not easy but, as you know, if you want an extraordinary life you need to do extraordinary things.

If your development plan is achievable and balanced and if it has consistency, you will find your rhythm and you will become what you want!

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