My 4 Tips for Leaving Your Comfort Zone

All of us have a comfort zone in which we feel safe and protected. But across that border there are a thousand opportunities that we are missing. Here are 4 Tips For Leaving Your Comfort Zone.


We’ll start by defining a person’s comfort zone.  It is a comfortable and safe area. A place where your behaviours adapt to a routine that reduces stress and risk. It provides a state of mental safety. You’re going to say Wow! But not everything that glitters is gold. If you stay there for a long time it becomes a place of stagnation, which prevents you from going beyond the limits of your family member in search of opportunities for professional and personal growth. Outside your comfort zone there is something unfamiliar.

What prevents you from going further in reality is precisely the fear of what you do not know. You are afraid of risk. It is much easier to stay where you feel comfortable than to take the risk and explore what you are unfamiliar with. But that’s how you’re limiting yourself. Nothing in your life will change if you don’t get out of your comfort zone.

In your life you can be on the Offense or Defense. Just pick your side

[Gary Vaynerchuck]

The ability to take risks is the driving force behind our growth. Break away from your fears. You have to reach an optimal state of anxiety, a relative anxiety that is neither too much nor too little. Anyone who has pushed himself beyond his limits to achieve something knows that by challenging himself, surprising results can be achieved.

You have to move forward in small steps and today I will show you 4 Tips for Leaving Your Comfort Zone.

Advice 01
Find Your Place of Courage

Courage is just out of your comfort. What are the things you think are worth doing but you don’t do because of the potential for disappointment or failure? That’s the question you have to ask yourself.

Draw a circle and write down the things that make you uncomfortable beyond your limits. This process will allow you to clearly identify your discomforts and comforts. Everything that makes you feel comfortable, write it down inside the circle.

Comfort kills productivity, makes you repetitive and does not give you progress. Go out and you will discover endless possibilities.

Advice 02
Get Comfort With Discomfort

One way out of your comfort zone is to expand it. Make it a target with the aim of avoiding to escape from the discomfort. If you exit your comfort zone often, you will begin to feel less and less discomfort.

Once you start to get out of your comfort zone, it will become easier and easier. The fear will decrease and as I told you before you will get used to that optimal state of anxiety. Your discomfort will be productive.

The more you do this, the more normal it becomes for you and the more you are willing to go further.


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Advice 03
See Failure As A Teacher

Many of us are so afraid of failure that we prefer not to act and to blow up our dreams. This is because you do not understand that failure also teaches.

Start treating failure as a teacher. What have you learned from experience? How can you take advantage of this failure to increase your chances of success in your next adventure?

Many people have failed before they achieve success. You learn from mistakes. The mistakes should not discourage you, but encourage you to do better.

Advice 04
Take It One Step At A Time

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone in one fell swoop. If you jump out, you’ll feel overwhelmed with fear and anxiety and you’ll come back inside. 

Take small steps towards the fear you are trying to overcome. You might think it’s less ambitious, but trust me when I tell you that you don’t walk out of the comfort zone all at once.

With every step you take, stop and take some time to figure out where you are and to plan where you want to go. Once you’ve clarified this, you’ll be ready to take your next step in a new direction. You don’t have to abandon your comfort zone; you have to expand it by always going beyond its boundary line.

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone to embrace new experiences and reach the optimal stimulating state of anxiety?

These 4 tips for leaving your comfort zone will help you on this journey!

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