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My 4 Tips On How To Build Your Strengths

Making full use of your strengths is more effective than focusing on your weaknesses. That’s why today I’m going to show you 4 tips on how to build your strengths.


Society has always accustomed us to focus on weaknesses in order to improve and has never taught us to use our strengths to excel. As a result, we tend to focus on our weaknesses and achieve poor results. Why is that?

The answer is simple. There is a lack of some essential elements such as fun, passion, interest in what we are doing. If we invest the time we waste trying to improve our weaknesses on our strengths, we could achieve exceptional results and a level of self-esteem capable of creating a world of well-being around us.

You may never overcome your weaknesses but if you work and focus on what you’re good at, you can make significant changes to your life. Knowing your strengths gives you more confidence to deal with weak ones. The most famous characters in history have become what they are because they exploited their abilities and didn’t stay crying over their weaknesses.

Be yourself proud of you


Think of Bill Gates, Einstein or Shakespeare. They have dedicated their lives doing what they were passionate about and exploiting their talent. Today, we know them for their unparalleled contribution to changing the course of history of their lives and the world.

Although you may not be perfect, you have a talent within you that you need to explore and exploit.

Advice 01
Don’t compare yourself with others

Are there people who intimidate you? People you think could be a step ahead of you at that moment? Good. Take courage and introduce yourself to them. Allow yourself to be part of their lives.

Meet people you feel positively competitive with. We have a lot to learn from each other. Deal with people you think will add value to your life.

Don’t compare with them. Talk to them. Be curious. Ask questions. Learn as much as you can and as much as you can strengthen your skills.

Advice 02
Partner with others

Don’t be alone. The advantages of having a team or a partner who believes in you are countless. If you have people who trust you next to you, you can go far.

Working in a team allows you to open your mind. It opens up a variety of perspectives and gives you a better chance of getting the job done.

Collaboration becomes essential to the success of a project. An employee can be strong in what you are weak in. And this will allow you to overcome obstacles that are insurmountable for you.



Live Like Your Future-Self is Watching You!

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Advice 03
Use failure as motivation

Things don’t always go well. No matter how aligned you are with your goals, it doesn’t always go as we would like. Sometimes we need a mistake to learn how to do better.

Steve Jobs was fired from the company he founded, but eventually came back to save it. Learn from failure.

If you make a mistake, take advantage of the lesson you’ve learned. Failure is not just a bad thing. From it you learn what to do and what not to do. Don’t sit and cry on yourself, use that failure to find the right motivation to excel.

Advice 04
Pop-up engagement, leadership, and success

Innovation requires the work of flexible teams that collaborate, co-lead and co-create. Learn how to use your skills and talents.

You can do what you want in your own way. Commitment and leadership lead you to success. You don’t have to waste time.

Be committed. Not busy but engaged and involved in what you do. Put your passion into it without forgetting to hold the helm of your actions.

You’re not perfect. Nobody is. Make the most of what you have.

Turn your flaws and weaknesses into your strengths through these 4 tips on how to build your strengths.

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