Stop Searching for Yourself, Invent Yourself

And if rather than searching for yourself in something else, you invent yourself?

If you’re tired of being represented by a job that you don’t like, if you want to change and to stop playing around, if you don’t manage to find what you want, start to re-invent yourself now. 


Now it’s ti me to think about how to grow yourself up!

Since adolescence we are pushed by the desire for research: searching for a twin soul, searching for ourselves, what we are and that what we want and could be, pushed by grit and the desire to do so.

When we grow up this desire tends to weaken, we accept jobs that we don’t like because they make you think “better this than nothing.”

But is it really like this?

Life is not finding yourself. Life is creating yourself

[G. B. Shaw]

The perfect job seems like a utopia, so often we content ourselves with simply finding work. Our “applications” multiply, we jump from one company to the next, from one sector to another, and we stop only when we sense stability.

We allow one job to define who we are, even when that job doesn’t represent us.

And if rather than searching for ourselves in something else, we invent ourselves?

What I envy about children is the fantasy and the extreme positivity, the ability to think about being able to become anything: a princess, an astronaut, a soccer player or a veterinarian.

And so why not do it even as adults? 

Advice 01
Create your destiny

Don’t let what others are dictate the rules.

Create your system with your rules and find a way to make it work, and if you can’t succeed in something, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s possible that you’ll think you’re not able, but you can do more than you think you can.

Our future depends only on ourselves.

Advice 02
Leave a mark

Often monotony culminates in carrying out one’s job in a robotic and ordinary manner. Therefore you have to leave your mark, show off your best work.

Take advantage of opportunities to make you and your ideas known, challenge yourself to follow what you truly want to do. 

Don’t wait for total acceptance of your ideas, prepare yourself to be pushed, but don’t fall, and even if you must fall, be ready to get back up. 


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Advice 03
Don’t be afraid to fail

Don’t be afraid to trip.

The most important thing in every journey is the courage to embark again and continue.

There are innumerable stories of entrepreneurs that have failed many times but have followed their dreams even in the middle of obstacles.

Don’t be afraid to fail, if you fail, fail quickly and continue on, but whatever happens don’t give up on your biggest dreams. 

Thoughts like “no one will like it,” “my friends will think that I’m insane,” can be discouraging, but one needs to stay tough and think positive. You don’t have to be right, you only have to start.

Fear is profound only when the mind allows it to be

Advice 04
Be devout and persevere

It takes time, devotion, perseverance, and patience to make something that’s worthwhile.

Keep doing what you love, even if no one buys it, sponsors it, or shares it. It’s important to establish a reputation, continue to try.

Bring your work forward, even when you don’t get the desired approval. Choose yourself!

I’ll close with a phrase I believe in very much, that I take energy from every day:

Wake up and live like your future self is watching you!

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